How to Take HOA Sample Rules and Regulations to Guide You in Making Real Change in Your Association

HOA sample rules and regulations

No matter how reasonable a governing body might be, there will always be aspects that need improvement — sample HOA rules and regulations can help pinpoint the best ways of achieving this. Sometimes there might be an ongoing nuisance that isn’t being accounted for in your HOA’s regulations. Or, you might believe a certain rule…Read More

9 Ways to Get Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings to Meet Quorum

Ways to get homeowners to attend HOA meetings

Organizers of a HOA members meeting often discover that getting enough homeowners to attend to meet quorum can be quite a challenge. You can be one of those who struggle to get the required attendance, or you can become the one to discover tried and true ways to get homeowners to attend HOA meetings. Here…Read More

5 Ways to Enforce Neighborhood HOA Rules and Regulations

HOA Rules and Regulations

Communities with Homeowners’ Associations (HOA) have documentation that lists HOA rules and regulations. All homeowners, as well as guests and tenants, are expected to follow these rules. While these regulations are necessary, they aren’t always easy to enforce. Covenants, conditions and regulations (or CC & Rs) are often bent or even ignored altogether. While this…Read More

Who Is Responsible for HOA Dues after a Foreclosure?

foreclosure text in ripped dollar bill

One of the questions that has emerged from the U.S. housing crisis is who has the responsibility to pay HOA dues after a foreclosure. While much of the shrapnel for the downturn is now cleaned up, one of the many casualties of the economic downturn has been HOA’s. Many have had to deal with unsold…Read More

What Do HOA Management Companies Do and Why Is It So Important?

What Do HOA Management Companies Do

What do HOA management companies do? The answer is rather complex because these companies can offer a wide range of services customized to fit the property’s specific needs. Consequently in nearly every situation, HOA management companies enable properties to thrive. Management Companies Enforce Rules A key area of management for HOA organizations is in rule…Read More

Top 4 Benefits of Automating HOA Accounts Payable Processing

Automating HOA Accounts Payable Processing

Getting bills paid should be getting simpler over time for organizations of all sizes. But with old technology and manual processes, many HOAs find that managing Accounts Payable is time consuming and things tend to slip through the cracks. If you’re part of a typical Homeowners’ Association, there are many invoices that should be paid…Read More

What Are HOA Governing Documents?

What Are HOA Governing Documents

What are HOA governing documents? They are the essential documents that set forth how the Home Owner’s Association of your community runs, as well as the rules and regulations that you must abide by as a resident. These governing documents are necessary to have an HOA at all. They set forth standards and guidelines that…Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Condo Association and an HOA?

Difference Between a Condo Association and an HOA

What’s the difference between a condo association and an HOA? The chief difference lies in the type of property development the given association governs and administers. A condominium association regulates a common structure containing multiple units. But a homeowners association governs a planned development comprised of single-family lots. HOAs and condo associations are the most…Read More

Why Does an HOA Need a Management Company Instead of Being Self-Managed?

Does an HOA Need a Management Company

Does an HOA need a management company, or can it avoid the cost and go with self-management? If you are asking this question, it’s likely your organization is looking to reduce costs. However, the truth is without the support of a management company, many HOAs find that it is difficult to thrive, and communities can…Read More