Getting HOA and Condo Association Recordkeeping Right

HOA and Condo Association Recordkeeping

HOA and condo association recordkeeping is never going to be anyone’s favorite job. But proper documentation is the foundation of any organization. With well-kept records, it’s easier to prove compliance with state or federal regulations as well as your own association’s governing rules. This is important in the event of a dispute, litigation, or audit….Read More

What Might Surprise You about Condo Management Company Responsibilities

condo management company responsibilities

Before hiring any company, it’s essential to understand condo management company responsibilities and the services they offer. Today’s company is diverse, providing opportunities for all types and sizes of property owners to manage their specific needs with ease. For many property owners, proper management is the key. You want someone who can take care of…Read More

5 Reasons Your HOA Needs an Online Homeowner Portal

Online Homeowner Portal

Do you want to create less work for your HOA board and more satisfaction for your community members? Providing an online homeowner portal is a simple way to accomplish these goals. Here are a few of the ways going virtual makes your homeowners’ association run more smoothly. #1 Streamline Billing and Payment Except for that…Read More