5 Benefits of Renting Out Your House Through a Property Management Company 

renting out your house

Do you have an extra house or condo that’s sitting vacant? Do you want to enjoy a steady stream of recurring revenue by letting someone live there and pay you rent?  It might seem like a simple job to be a landlord.  However, many landlord are finding that it a second full-time job and they…Read More

Is Your COA Prepared to Handle a Natural Disaster?

handle natural disaster

With all the hurricanes visiting the U.S., it’s no surprise that condominiums are being hit hard. Compared to an HOA, COAs serve communities that tend to have a high population density and lots of shared space and common elements. And, just by the nature of condo architecture, properties are often impacted as a whole rather…Read More

So, You Want to Be on the Condo Association Board?

Condo Association Board

Most condo owners know there’s a balance between cost and benefits when it comes to being a member of an association. You don’t always get what you want, and no one likes paying dues and fees. But a well-managed condominium owners’ association (COA) really does improve the community for everyone. If that goal is important…Read More